Our Difference is Our Technology


Our specialty is internet marketing, SEM, SEO, Mobile, Social, Display, Video, Remarketing, and Email.


Superior Data

Data well beyond Google Analytics - Our proprietary 'IP Capture Technology' enables us to track the complete path that a person takes to perform a desired action beginning with capturing the actual keystroke a user types into any search site. We then can follow a user across all platforms of search, display, mobile, social, and across all devices, pinpointing the location of the user down to the street level.

Advanced Analytics - Beyond Last-Click Attribution

This sophisticated set of data enables our platform to know not just the last keyword that caused a conversion but all the keywords that were used along the way and the search engines, pages within content sites, and pages on your website that were visited.

Conversion (ROI) Based Optimization

The primary goal of every online advertiser is results, ROI, not just clicks, impressions, CTR's.

Our unique platform tracks sales, leads, phone calls, emails, form submissions, live chats, etc., down to the zip code level, and in real time optimizes against those data points. This complete attribution of keywords and intent, across all devices and platforms is what enables us to improve your ROI within 90 days.

Cutting Edge Technology (Patent Pending)

Cookies v/s IP Capture? Our 'IP Capture Technology' is not limited to a 30-day window as cookies normally allow. Our IP Address tracking continues for the lifetime of a campaign

Data-Driven Decisions; Real-Time Adjustments

Once armed and optimized with this powerful data, the KL Media / Ai technology platform makes bid adjustments in real time, and changes creative in real time to match keywords (with client approval).


Our accountability is to you! We will clearly define the scope and KPI goals of our campaigns including ROI projections.

We will improve your current KPI's, ROI, within 90 days .. period!



KL Media Partners Featured in The Pacific Institute Education Initiaive Newsletter

Oct 20, 2014

Once an education marketing team learns about all of the options and lingo of online advertising, they still have to think beyond the easy measurements like impressions and clicks, since those don't necessarily lead to enrollment! Connecting a student with the ideal institution is an ever-evolving process which requires cutting edge technologies that can adapt to the behaviors of today.

This is where KL Media Partners would like to step in to help sort through your data avalanche. Read More

2014 Google Agency's Cup Award

KL Media SEM Partner Sergio Alvarez, COO Ai Media is awarded First Place Recipient of the Google Agency's Cup

Hyper Connected Hispanics

Google Wash. D.C Offices - Dec 5, 2013

KL Media SEM Partner Sergio Alvarez, COO Ai Media Technology is Keynote speaker at Google Wash DC offices. Growth of Hispanic digital market, desktop and mobile, is forcing government communicators to re-examine how they conduct outreach to this audience.

"For government marketers and their agencies , the opportunity is now to move beyond traditional methods and use new technologies to reach this audience." Read More

2013 Annual Conference of the Association of Proprietary Colleges

Cooperstown, NY - June 2013

KL Media SEM Partner Sergio Alvarez, COO Ai Media Technology explored the latest technologies created to attract and retain students. He also revealed strategies for the highest return on investment and tactics that have been shown to be most beneficial for the education community.Read More