Data, Analytics & Insights



Core to our unique success is our patented technology and attribution system. We leverage this technology to analyze real-time data and longer-tail trends so optimizations can be made based upon better cross-channel insights as quickly as customers pivot in their consumption of media and content.

Our attribution system allows for the most effective optimization of these campaigns with systems that see and react to actual performance metrics across channels. This allows us to recognize the actual consumer journey from ad to conversion. We then share this information with our clients by providing access to real-time results gathered by our technology through customizable dashboards.

Remaining GDPR compliant, our technology creates a footprint and allows us to assign a unique ID system that can be tied back to geography, network, devices, screens, and keywords for the most effective campaign optimization possible. This technology further enables our expert team to apply human intelligence to campaign design that relies on actual attribution reflecting the rapidly changing nature of consumers instead of just modeled data.